Hello York District!
Here is the latest update regarding this weekend’s Fall Camporee hosted by Troop 369 in Lebanon, ME at the intersection of Half-Mile Rd and Little River Rd.
Registration opens at 4:00 PM on Friday for Boy Scouts and 9:00 AM on Saturday for Cub Scouts
– Please be prepared at registration with the following:
o Medical forms for all attending to be left at HQ
o Payment – Camporee fee is $10/Boy Scouts & adults – $5/Cub Scouts & adults
o Discloser of which Dutch Oven category your Unit will be participating in
o Discloser of Skit or Song for Saturday Night’s campfire program
– One vehicle (plus trailer) will be allowed to drive to campsite to drop gear
– ALL vehicles will be parked in designated area (approx. 100 yards up the road)
– PLEASE bring potable water! There will be untreated water at the Camporee for use ONLY as fire prevention. It is NOT potable!
– Above ground fires will be allowed pursuant to local fire department permit, determined on Friday of Camporee.
– Please use extreme caution with ALL fires and use of charcoal
– Gateways are encouraged and will be judged
– Bring athletic footwear for sporting events; i.e. kickball, Frisbee, whiffle ball.
– Dutch Oven cooking competition begins at 3PM with judging beginning at 6PM
– Be prepared for 4-5 judges to sample your entry
– “Boy Scouts” is a co-ed program and there will be female scouts in camp. Be respectful.
– Webelos will be in camp starting Saturday morning. Appropriate Scout behavior is expected! Lead by example!
– A Webelos program will take place on Saturday, including knots and lashings, first aid/stretcher race, team walkers, fire building (bring your tooth picks, pencil sticks and drum sticks), Frisbee golf, kick ball and more. Cooking a group meal is encouraged!
If you have any questions, please e-mail Norm Sirois at normansirois@rocketmail.com